From Hardanger Fjord Lodge and Jondal you can reach the starting point of Trolltunga. Its one hour drive from the lodge and the start of the hike is located in Skjeggedal. When you drive from Jondal you will first reach Odda and then up to Tyssedal thereafter you see a big parkinglot on the right side. If you’re up early, pass the first parkinglot and continue the tiny, winding road (4k long) up to the last parking. 

The hike goes through the high mountains, takes 10-12 hours (23km in total Trolltunga and return). 

The hike is usually possible to do from mid-June, depending on when the snow melts in the mountains. Normally one can hike to Trolltunga until mid-September. Consider carefully whether you are in good enough shape and have the right equipment before setting out. There is no mobile phone coverage along the route.


We recommend to start early in the morning, latest 8 am. You wil lsee the signs who will guide you to the start of Trolltunga. The beginning and first 1 km is steep but keep your head up, It will be better! After the steep part you have variated terrain a head but its mostly uphill with some flat parts. Depending witch time of the year you are here it can be some snow left at least until the end of june.


Remember to take a break and just enjoy the landscape and surroundings. You will on the way pass lakes, small rivers and waterfalls. After 8k you’re really close to the cliff ”Trolltunga” but remember you have to fix the whole way back too. When arriving to the cliff you will need some food, this might have been taken around 4-5 hours depending your physically condition.


If you are here during high-season it might be some que, but as earlier you starts the better. Take some pictures of the spectacular view and you standing on the cliff. This is a lifetime experience!


When you eaten some food, changed clothes if they are wet and and don’t forget to drink loads of water. Hike back before its getting to late and try to keep you’re legs awake. The last 3km feels really long and you’re legs might be score, but up here you have a spectacular view you're soon down on flat ground. When you hiked down the last part you certainly have to give your friend a high five, you did it!

You need the following to hike Trolltunga:

- hiking boots

- extra clothing

- rainclothes,

- map and compass,

- plenty to eat and drink and a simple first aid kit.

Remember: Weather can change quickly, check the weather before!

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